Bristol Drum Co. Segmented Teak Snare Drum


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Segmented Teak 14" x 4" Snare Drum Overview, by and Cariad Drum Shop.

The Segmented Teak shell produces a bright, responsive sound. The nature of the teak and the segmented, 7mm thick construction produces a more powerful, punchy drum than might be expected from a 4" shell. The Segmented Teak is a bright, lively drum with crisp higher tones and plenty of projection that will hold its own in any mix.?

The distinctive, rich colour of the teak shell is matched with black tube lugs, a snare strainer and hoops, as a result, making this a very classy looking snare.

Snare Drum Specifications:
  • 4" deep segmented teak snare
  • 7mm wall thickness
  • 8 lug black tube lugs fittings
  • Black fittings, hoops, snare throwoff and butt
  • 20 strand Puretone snare wire
  • Evans G1 top head, Hazy 300 snare side

Bristol Drum co. makes solid wooden snare drums with real, handcrafted segmented shells, from a range of exotic and indigenous tone woods.

The company offers a wide range of unique drums, each with the individual sound and appearance you can only find from an independent drum workshop.


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