Pearl P3500D Demon XR Direct Drive Single Pedal


The Pearl Demon XR Bass Drum Pedal is your direct path to rapid fire bass drum performance. Its stripped down machine shop design has been developed in conjunction with the world’s top drumming talents to deliver a faster, smoother stroke and enhanced rebound in extreme musical situations.

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Delivering the ultimate in Speed, Rebound, and Accuracy, the Pearl Demon XR (for X-treme Response,) Bass Drum Pedal is a true Triple-Threat in bass drum pedal performance.

The result of a two-year research and development project with drummer George Kollias, its streamlined machine shop design and fluid direct-drive action delivers a faster, smoother stroke.

Its enhanced rebound action comes from the exclusive interchangeable high-tension spring, which makes repeated strokes effortless in the most extreme musical situations.

Primed for the high tempo technicality, the Pearl Demon XR is perfect for any drumming style where precision and endurance is key.

P-3500D Demon XR Single Pedal


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