Pearl Masters Maple Complete – Ocean Blue Strip (LTD EDITON)



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As a main dealer for Pearl Drums we can offer a wide range of products to your drumming needs and wants. Please feel free to contact us via email or call us on 01656 507260 and we will look after you and help with any questions you have. Now let's talk about the kit...

The Pearl Masters range are stunning drums built with real quality in mind. Experience all the elements that made Pearl's Masters Series a mainstay for recording and touring professionals with Masters Maple Complete. They really are a drum kit that can serve you well in all musical applications.
At its core is the Masters Maple Complete's thin, premium Maple shell delivers a definitive blend of midrange warmth and rounded punch that fits in the tonal centre of any musical situation.

Inspired Custom Appointments EvenPly-Six North American Maple Shell

This 6-ply (5.4mm) shell fuses reduced thickness, cross-laminated panels for increased resonance, fat, centered articulation and focused tonal sustain.

Using the world's first high temperature hydraulic curing system, Pearl’s SST method was developed to craft a multi-ply, bonded drum shell with single-ply resonance and strength.
This proprietary technique begins with hand-selected premium hardwoods chosen for their unique acoustic attributes.
Each layer is milled to precise thickness and bonded into 2-ply panels.
Our trademark overlapping scarf joint seams are added to ensure a perfect air-tight fit. The wood plies are saturated with Pearl’s exclusive “AcoustiGlue”, which permeates every pore and dries to the exact consistency of the wood for optimum resonance.
Finally, the plies are formed in high temperature molds with 1000 PSI of hydraulic pressure, producing the ultimate air chamber for optimal resonance, extreme strength, and superior tone.
All shells are tested for flatness and roundness before drilling and assembly to assure
Standard 45-Degree Bearing Edge

Pearl’s original edge provides the perfect blend of attack, warmth, and sustain through minimal head contact.



To pull the best voice from each Maple shell in the kit, all Masters Maple Complete drums feature hardware elements selected for their tone enhancing properties.

These include the SP30 bass drum spur with spring-loaded retractable spike, bridge-style CL Lug and LB40 Floor Tom Bracket for low shell contact, OptiMount four-point tom suspension mounts, R40 Air Suspension Floor Tom Feet, Die-Cast Bass Drum Claws, and Superhoop II Triple-Flanged Hoops. 

Each of these hardware pieces lends not only to the tuning and function of each drum but also to the overall sound of the total Masters Maple Complete drum kit. 


  • CL Bridge Lug
  • CL100 (Toms)
  • CL250 (Bass Drum)

The chrome work on the lugs and hoops is second to none. Real clean with a depth of quality and with the Masters the the inserts for the tension rods are made of brass so they don't rust or grind with the tension rod. They are very smooth for tuning the drum head. This is attention to detail that Pearl Drums give you.

Triple-Flanged SuperHoop II
Super Hoop II hoops are precision formed from heavy duty 2.3mm steel - triple-flanged and engraved with the Super Hoop II Logo.
As with the lugs the hoops are outstanding in quality of clean and shinning chrome. Chrome on the drum kit gives it that special look.
OptiMount Suspension System.
We find this system to be about the best you can get for strength at holding the Tom in place while being fantastic for getting the position of the Tom just right for you. They hold the drum on 4 points, not just the top, giving that Hanging Tom sound quality. They look really classy too.
Remo UT Pinstripe (Tom Batter)
Remo UT Powerstroke3 (Bass Drum)
To get the best out of these drums we recommend upgrading to USA Remo or Evans heads and we can help you with your choice, although these heads will sound great to get you started. To keep the whole shell pack competitive in price many manufactures will use the cheaper UT drum heads.

Bass Drum Muffler (Mini)

About Pearl

Katsumi Yanagisawa & Mitsuo Yanagisawa

Pearl started in 1946, founded by Katsumi Yanagisawa in Sumida-ku Tokyo. Katsumi produced music stands for the local Japanese market, and as his reputation for quality and craftsmanship grew, he was soon urged to supply drums. Searching for a name synonymous with lasting value and prestige, Katsumi chose to name his company Pearl. From these humble beginnings, Pearl has grown to become the iconic global leader it is today. Pearl products have been loved and played by millions of musicians in every genre of music imaginable. From beginner to working professional to some of the most recognizable recording artists and live performers the world over, now seven decades later, Pearl instruments continue to remain faithful to Katsumi's original vision of value and prestige.

In 1968, Pearl expanded production beyond percussion instruments and opened a handcrafted flute manufacturing facility at its headquarters in Chiba, Japan. Pearl now has two locations for flute manufacturing, and Pearl Flutes has grown worldwide to become highly praised by beginners, educators, and professional players for their beautiful tone and exacting craftsmanship.

Pearl employs over 650 globally, including employees in Japan, the United States, Europe, Taiwan, and China. Pearl listens, and as a "Total Percussion" brand, we create instruments to meet many musical needs, including drum sets, marching and concert percussion, Latin and World percussion, electronic percussion, and many others.

We care for every musician's needs and deliver unrivalled instruments developed from innovative research and development combined with world-class craftsmanship to meet those needs.

So join the Cariad Family, get in touch for your next purchase of a stunning Pearl Drum Set. 

Leigh & Team.


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