Paiste PST 7 Heavy Rock Cymbal Box Set


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Paiste PST 7 Heavy Rock Cymbal Box Set Overview, by Cariad Drum Shop.
In the box you will find:
  • 14" Heavy Hi-Hat cymbals
  • 16" Heavy Crash cymbal
  • 20" Heavy Ride cymbal
Series Description:

Paiste have become providers of first class quality cymbals, and have built a wide range of designs to suit every budget and style. The Paiste Sound Technology range aims to have the perfect balance between quality and affordability, and there are four different series to chose from to suit your budget and style. (PST 3, 5, 7 and 8)

This particular PST box set is the PST 7, which provides an affordable line for drummers who like a traditional sound, look and feel.?Within the PST 7 series it?s still important to choose the right cymbal for your style. That's why Paiste offers three weight classes to match how you play. These being - light/thin (session), medium (universal) and heavy (rock). There's also an option for an effects box set, which includes a 10" splash and a 18" china. (All the box sets mentioned here are available to purchase from Cariad Drum Shop)

Paiste's PST7 base is CuSn8 bronze which stems from the legendary Paiste 2002 series. The cymbals are lathed by Paiste's Swiss hand craftsmen to achieve their distinctive traditional look and finish. The overall result of Paiste?s precise Swiss manufacturing is a warm and clear overall sound.

Heavy Rock:

The Rock set is perfect for drummers who are a bit of a heavy hitter. Meaning its a high quality set without splashing out. This set provides is fantastic and affordable!

  • Since:?2014
  • Alloy:?CuSn8 Bronze, also known as "2002 Bronze"
  • Applications:?All volume settings ? Live playing and casual recording ? Entire range of music styles
  • Sound:?Bright, traditional, airy, clean with warmth, clarity and tonal definition

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