Natal Arcadia Acrylic 4pc Drum Kit – Orange


Sizes :-

  • 22” x 18” bass drum
  • 12” x 8” rack tom
  • 14” x 12” floor tom
  • 16” x 14” floor tom

No cymbals or hardware included

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Bring your drumming to the forefront and play to your own beat with the breath-taking Arcadia Acrylic. The astonishing seamless shells offer plenty of strength and resonance for a powerful and punchy sound, that completely takes your breath away. The Arcadia Acrylic is finished in various glorious colours such as red, transparent and orange, these drums perfectly catch the light for a mesmerising and irresistible visual appearance on stage, that indefinitely give the 'WOW' factor. This Natal Arcadia Acrylic 22'' 4 Piece Shell Pack, is ideal for a wide variety of music genres such as rock, pop, jazz and funk. You can guarantee that this stunning set, has you completely covered.

This set in particular includes a 22'' x 16'' bass drum, 12'' x 8'' rack tom, 14'' x 12'' floor tom and a 16'' x 14'' floor tom, allowing you to explore and experiment with different sounds and tones to your hearts desire. The Natal Arcadia Acrylic 4 Piece Shell Pack is an absolute must-have for any drummer looking for drums that excel with their durability, and their bright and punchy sounds compared to it's wooden counterparts. With its acrylic shell construction, this drum set offers plenty of resonance and power - perfect for live performances or in the studio. The transparent orange finish adds a classic look to the set delivering a stage-worthy aesthetic to match its high-quality tones. The seamless shells offer superior strength and resonance for a versatile kit which are accentuated brilliantly by the all chrome hardware to provide a look that is as striking as the kit tone. The chrome hardware also adds to the overall look and feel of the drums while maintaining accurate tuning. The Arcadia Acrylic delivers the power your playing needs and just looks unbelievable under the stage lights, turning heads wherever it goes.

Whether you are playing in the studio or performing on stage, this shell pack will deliver a quality playing experience you can depend on. Perfect for any drummer looking for a trustworthy and professional-sounding acoustic kit, the Natal Arcadia Acrylic 22" 4 Piece Shell Pack is the kit for you!


  • 22'' x 18'' bass drum
  • 12'' x 8'' rack tom
  • 14'' x 12'' floor tom
  • 16'' x 14'' floor tom


  • Manufacturer: Natal
  • Shell Material: Acrylic
  • Tom Shell Width: 6mm
  • Kick Shell Width: 7mm
  • Hoops: 2mm Triple-flanged Chrome
  • Bearing Edge: 45-degrees
  • Heads: Remo UT
  • Finish: Transparent Orange



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