Meinl XL Multi Rod Bamboo Sticks – SB204


Our Multi-Rod Bundle Sticks can be used on all types of percussion instruments from cajon to drum kit. They feature both an easy-to-grip handle and adjustable rings to achieve the desired amount of dowel.

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Dowels out of bamboo are valued for their durability. Due to their hardness and lighter weight, they have their own characteristic sound, which makes this material perfect for percussive playing techniques as well as a drum kit. Compared to birch dowels, bamboo is harder but also more elastic.



Play with the same power as drumsticks. Sometimes you need punch without the attack of sticks, even at louder volumes. Meinl's durable wire, bamboo and nylon bristles can make your kit or percussion set sing with a rich tone at any dynamic. Meinl brushes deliver a touch that makes it easy to pull off doubles, ghost notes and heavy back beat accents with a fat sound, which allow you to fatten your grooves. Their traditional wire brushes respond with ultra-lush lateral sweep tones and bright accents, so you can sweep through jazz and ballads with confidence. Meinl brushes are centered around comfort with a variety of handles and lengths that fit your hand just right while providing a seamless reach on toms, cymbals or your cajon enhancing your brush comfort level.


  • Produce a great tone and feel at any volume level, live or in the studio
  • Fatten up your back beats or tom grooves
  • Lush sweep tones for soft ballads and jazz
  • Variety of wire materials for drum set and cajon
  • Comfortable grips give you a unique feel, touch and sound
  • Variety of lengths for an easy reach on toms, cymbals and percussion rigs
  • Play the classics as well as explore new sounds and textures


Key Features :-


  • Adjustable Flex
  • Alternative Sounds
  • Material - Select Bamboo
  • Length :-
    • 38.4cm
    • 15.16
  • Diameter :-
    • 24.5mm
    • 0.965″
  • Weight : Heavy




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