Meinl Hand Percussion Castanet Machine – CM2


Features :-
  • Separately adjustable
  • Full and cutting resonance
  • Material: Selected hardwood
  • Castanets are mounted to a wooden board
  • Produce a full and penetrating sound
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Whether you want to produce fast, complex or staccato rhythms, with these compact rosewood castanets by Meinl you can do it all. Each castanet is separately adjustable to help your timing. The CM2 produces a distinct sound that is best described as full and cutting.

By mounting the castanets on a special, compact wooden base, they are made even more versatile than usual. They are made of rosewood for an extra rich sound, making the CM2 excellent for use in orchestras and classical music. It's a great alternative to a set of traditional castanets.


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