Meinl 12 Bars Chime – CH12


Key Features :-


  • 12 bars
  • Single row
  • Ideal for subtle accents
  • Solid wood bracket
  • High-quality aluminium alloy


Hardware, Tambourine and Cowbell are NOT included.

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Chimes are used in almost every percussionist's set. They serve, for example, as an effect or transition of different musical passages. The MEINL Percussion 12 bar chimes produce a beautiful, high pitched sound. Not too obtrusive, ideal for tasteful chime accents.

Meinl's CH12 is a set of bar chimes. Bar chimes are a percussive instrument, and this particular edition consists of twelve gold-coloured bars. These bars are made of high-grade anodised aluminium and are attached to a balanced, 26cm wooden beam in a single row, with durable nylon cords. With their wondrous sound, bar chimes can serve multiple purposes for many musicians, bands and orchestras.

You can mount this instrument on the separately available Meinl stand and you play it with a beater (which is not included in this purchase). When you drag beater over the gold-coloured bars, you get a wonderfully bright twinkling noise. Especially well suited for music that needs a magical and wondrous atmosphere.



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