Ludwig Limited Edition Classic Oak Pro Beat 5pc Shell Pack – Bandit


Configurations :-


  • 24” x 14” – Bass Drum
  • 16” x 16” – Floor Tom
  • 18” x 18” – Floor Tom
  • 13” x 9” – Mounted Tom
  • 14” x 6.5” – Snare Drum


Hardware and cymbals NOT included. Shell pack, ATLAS PM0048 and bracket ONLY.

Only 1 left in stock

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This Ludwig Limited Edition Classic Oak Pro-Beat 5pc Shell Pack is the ONLY ONE available in the UK. A beautiful rarity and a luxurious kit in it's own right. With an extra 18'' Floor Tom and a 14'' Snare Drum, there is quite literally no other like it. With hybrid shells crafted from a maple core and outer plies of American red oak, this drum set offers drummers a nuanced tonal palette and enhanced resonance. Thoughtfully designed for drummers of all styles and genres, the Classic Oak allows you to shape your unique voice and explore new sonic possibilities.


Shape Your Sound With Hybrid Shell Construction


At the core of the Classic Oak shells is a 3-ply North American maple centre surrounded by single plies of rich, porous American red oak. This hybrid configuration leverages maple's characteristic smooth, balanced tone and pairs it with oak's slightly scooped mids and enhanced low-end response. The result is a drum set with excellent note separation, a focused attack and a balanced sustain you can control. Outfitted with sharp 45-degree bearing edges, the 6.5 mm shells sing with woody undertones and respond crisply to your playing dynamics.

Achieve Legendary Ludwig Sound With Innovative Shell Technology


To take the Classic Oak's construction a step further, Ludwig employs their proprietary Radio Frequency Shell Technology. An innovative manufacturing process involving time-tested bladder molds, this RFST system achieves uniform curing across the shell for optimal resonance and the iconic Ludwig sound. The unique bonding system and specialized adhesive work together to treat each shell as a cohesive whole, allowing you to get the most out of the hybrid maple and oak plies. Consistent quality shell after shell, you can trust the Classic Oak to deliver Ludwig's legacy tone.

ATLAS and Triad tom hardware


Both toms in this Classic Oak shell pack benefit from Ludwig's advanced ATLAS and Triad hardware. The high tom is supported by Ludwig's ATLAS PM0048 and bracket. This system reduces vibration loss to allow the shell to resonate to its full potential. On the floor tom, low-profile Triad brackets and suspension legs reduce mass on the shell and decouple it from the floor, which results in a cleaner, deeper low-end response. Topping it all off, Ludwig's Large Classic Lugs give this kit a great throwback look that any Ludwig player is sure to love.

Key Features :-


  • Powerful, punchy and articulate sound
  • 5-ply shells with 3-ply maple cores and inner/outer oak plies
  • Delivers a "pre-EQ'd" tone, live or in the studio
  • 45° bearing edges optimize head-shell response
  • ATLAS and Triad tom hardware maximize resonance
  • Large Classic Lugs
  • Features an extra 18'' floor tom and 14'' snare
  • The ONLY Ludwig Classic Oak Pro Beat Bandit 5pc in the UK


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