Ludwig Atlas Pro Hi-Hat Stand


“I’ve played a few different two-leg hi-hats before, and they all have a tendency to rock a little when stomped repeatedly. Not the Atlas Pro. This sucker never budged, even with the legs rotated about 35 degrees.” – Modern Drummer, March 2012

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Ludwig Atlas Pro Hi-Hat Stand, Overview:

A new, highly-advanced approach to playing stability has arrived. The Ludwig Atlas Pro Hi-Hat's state-of-the art features, allow it to perform with rock-solid reliance. As a result, it eliminates any annoying movement that interferes with precise play.


  • Centroid 3-point stability system. (Patent Pend):?Elevates the rear portion of the foundation plate, creating a functioning tripod with the stand's heavy, double-braced legs. This creates additional room for multiple pedal set-ups and seamless double-pedal play.
  • Aerodisc Bottom Cymbal Tilter. (Patent Pend):?A unique, revolving approach allowing the player to position the bottom hat cymbal to any angle and lock it in place.
  • Easy Break-Down: At the centre of the Centriod system is Ludwig's locking inclined foundation plate, which breaks down easily for worry-free transport.
  • Progressive Action Linkage: Progressively transfers from speed to power as the pedal moves through the stroke. Allowing for quick response and unmatched feel and control against the closed hi hats.
  • Infinitely Adjustable Foot Board Angle.
  • SpurLok Heel Plate Anchors:?Added stability and grip to insure solid, slip-free performance located directly under the heel plate for improved stability.
  • Full Range adjustable spring tension:?Six Points of tension for optimum feel.
  • Vice-Grip tube joint with integrated memory lock:?Fully wrapped around the clamped tube, the new Atlas tube joint clamp delivers a rock-solid grip, with minimal stress to the support tubing.
  • Rotatable Base Legs.
  • Vibration Reducing Rubber Feet.
  • Nylon lined tubing to eliminate stand noise.
  • Modern-Classic footboard design with removable toe stop: CAD Designed and Optimised for a perfect balance of light weight and high strength.
  • 1.25/1/.75" Tier Tubing:?For solid stability and night-after-night durability.


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