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The MPS-10 is a game-changer in drum and percussion technology. Built with both durability and precision in mind, it's designed to meet the evolving needs of today's drummers and percussion performers. Six versatile pads offer a rich array of sounds, while 4 ground-breaking CC pads give real-time control as never before. Expand the possibilities further with an intuitive sampler and powerful 4-track looper, alongside inputs for external triggers and foot switches.

Your performance, your control.

Created to be an indispensable companion for drummers and percussionists, the MPS-10 is a powerful blend of sonic capability and performance control. It features a deep library of 2,350 assignable instruments and more than 3000 high-quality samples that range from dynamically expressive instrument tones with captivatingly nuanced variations based on your strike's intensity, to the essential electric instrument sounds that drive modern drumming today.


Built to perform

Developed by the team behind the WaveDrum and Pearl e/MERGE, the MPS-10 provides the ultimate drum pad experience.

In pursuit of a combination of durability and performance, a high-quality rubber material was perfected through extensive consultation and trialling with the most demanding professional players. The perfect balance of hardness, sensitivity and dynamics enables drummers and percussionists to express themselves naturally.

The pad layout is designed to ensure the ideal striking position when integrated into a drum kit, resulting in comfortable playing and superior strike detection.

Unlock your creativity

The sampler function within MPS-10 liberates your creativity, allowing effortless importing of user samples. Seamlessly import sounds from a USB flash drive and assign them to any pad, and even replace portions of preset kits to build your own personal sound set.

The CC pad revolution

At the top of the MPS-10 sits four CC pads. These deceptive pads give you a level of control never before seen on an instrument like this. Able to detect the strike position with incredible precision, these pads give you powerful control over parameters such as filtering, EDM-inspired drum rolls, and real-time tonal transformations through versatile MFX functions.

Powerful effects

MPS-10 has an incredible default master reverb and filter, further enhanced with two insert and one master effect slot. Effects can be easily toggled for each pad, making intricate tonal changes a breeze.


Crafting your signature kit is a breeze with the MPS-10 Editor, a completely user-friendly web app. All you have to do is simply connect the MPS-10 to your PC via USB, and dive straight into a realm of infinite creative possibilities as you shape your own exclusive kits. Take centre stage with confidence, as the vivid full-colour display is easy to read – even under the brightest lights. The MPS-10 allows you to tailor the saturation to your preference and needs, and with three-color LEDs illuminating each pad, it ensures a seamless performance even on the dimmest stages. The dual trigger-in terminals accommodate up to four triggers and pads via a Y-shaped cable, giving a grand total of 15 sounds within one kit. The MPS-10 even features a dedicated bass drum trigger (pad 11).


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