DS Rebel Aluminium 14″ x 6″ Snare Drum


  • Finish: Satin Brushed Aluminium
  • Size: 14″ x 6″
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The Rebel Custom Shop series aluminium snare drum can fully express drummers’ inspirations.
This stylish, elegant snare drum is crafted from 1.2mm seamless high quality aluminium delivers a dry, controlled sound with a sensitive response over a wide dynamic range. It comes with a proprietary 22 strand and can be customized in any drum hardware colour option. Our outside centre bead produces a more open sound, for crisp, articulate performance and inspires you to articulate your sticking from graceful ghost notes to a full-throated roaring backbeat. It comes with vintage style 2.3mm inward hoops, an handmade 22 snare strainer and Remo Ambassador heads on both sides. This drum offers you the full range of crisp, clean sounds to suit all types of playing.
This snare drum offers an exciting bearing edge proprietary combination that yield thrilling new sonic possibilities, R2 45 degree on the top head and R2 45 degree on the bottom head.


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