Carlsbro CSD500 Electronic Drum Kit


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The new Carlsbro D500 Mesh electronic drum kit featuring our new 4 layer mesh heads to give you an ultra quiet experience with a more realistic and natural drum feel and reduced acoustic noise with the 5 mesh head drum pads.


  • 1 × Commander 500 Sound Module
  • 1 × 8" MESH Floor tom pad with bass kick pedal
  • 1 × 10" MESH Dual-zone Snare pad
  • 3 × 8" MESH Dual-zone Tom pads
  • 1 × 10" Single-zone Hi-hat cymbal pad
  • 1 × 12" Dual-zone crash cymbal pad with choke
  • 1 × 12" Dual-zone ride cymbal pad with choke
  • 1 × Hi-hat controller pedal
  • 1 × Sturdy 4-legged drum rack with all mounting hardware and invisible cabling
  • Includes Bass drum pedal

A natural choice to add to the increasing range of popular Carlsbro CSD kits. Perfect for Live performance or studio recording sessions. Exceptional value containing similar features of competitors kits costing as much as 4 times the price. All pads can be adjusted with drum key to suit the players preferred acoustic head tension. Carlsbro headphones and EDA30 Watt, EDA50 Watt, and EDA200 Watt drum amplifiers are available for this kit and all the Carlsbro CSD range.

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