British Drum Co. Merlin Snare Drum


Size :

  • 14” x 6.5”


Embrace your dark side… The Merlin was one of British Drum Co.’s earliest successes. Critically acclaimed by artists and press alike, the Merlin received a rare 5 star review in Rhythm Magazine. Just like it’s namesake the Merlin Rolls Royce Aviation Engine this snare drum is designed to deliver in all situations and to perform precisely when it matters. Crafted from 20 ply Maple & Birch the Merlin produces a sound that combines both the warmth of maple and the attack of birch. Each shell is then finished with a black tulip veneer and detailed with a classic looking double pinstripe.

Capable of a wide tuning range, you can tune down for that classic dry funk sound or crank it for a bright and clear attack. Boasting incredible sensitivity the Merlin will respond to even the most subtle of ghost note.

Features :

  • Maple and birch, 10.5 mm, 20 ply
  • Bearing edges: Hand cut, 45-degree
  • Snare beds: Hand cut, 1.8 mm deep
  • Batter hoop: Triple flange, 2.3 mm
  • Snare hoop: Triple flange, 2.3 mm
  • Lugs:10 Diamond chrome-plated Palladium snare lugs
  • Snare strainer: BDC Smooth action strainer
  • Feature: Nyloc lug inserts to prevent de-tuning
  • Finish: Black Tulip Veneer with a double pinstripe detailing.


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