British Drum Co. Live Lounge Series – UX Finishes

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Ultra Lacquer Exterior – the ultimate high-gloss drum finish available from British Drum Co. Featuring a distinct “sandwich” of exotic veneers, detailed with beautiful contrasting pinstripes, hand polished to a supreme high-gloss to create a drum of exquisite beauty. Select Finishes below:

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Live Lounge Series is the range of drums designed to deliver warm and complex tones, evocative of the most revered vintage drum sounds.

Live Lounge moves away from the club-style aesthetic of old with an expanded choice of finishes which include the full range of our stunning SX and UX finish options, complete with matching bass drum hoops.

Offering a more contemporary look and feel, Live Lounge appears more imposing with the addition of a slightly elongated tom lug, and rack toms now come fitted with tom brackets as standard. Live Lounge just got lively!

Live Lounge Series shells are handcrafted using unique cold-press moulding with 9ply Mahogany and Scandinavian Birch, cross laminated to form a super-strong, thin shell only 5.5mm thick. Finished with an inner veneer of Mahogany and 30 degree round-over bearing edges, Live Lounge Series presents a rich complex warmth with defined projection and power.

Live Lounge Series offers incredible versatility. The tuning range is wide and rewarding - tune high for a responsive warm brightness or tune down to achieve deep, rich, low tones - inspiring you to play creatively and with ease in any musical situation.


  • Elegantly stylish and furnished in Palladium hardware, our 14” deep Live Lounge Series bass drums feature finish-matched hoops for a contemporary look and feel.
  • All British Drum Co. drums display branded, laser-cut B badge revealing the shell finish in the negative space of the badge design.
  • Instantly recognisable, Live Lounge Series is distinguished by the long, high-tension Art-Deco inspired Palladium lug on both toms and bass drums.
  • The Art-Deco aesthetic of the Palladium bass drum claw is subtly enhanced by a black thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) gasket which gives added protection to the surface of the Live Lounge Series bass drum hoops.
  • Rock-solid stability is assured by the Palladium tom brackets on both rack and floor toms. The stylish brackets are fixed to the shells by a bespoke engineered isolation system which ensures greater resonance from the drum whilst maintaining dependable positioning.
  • Live Lounge Series vent badges are laser engraved with the Made In Britain inscription.
  • All bass drums are supplied with a unique Bass Drum Protector plate.
  • Live Lounge Series drums are available in SX, and UX finish options.

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