British Drum Co. Archer 14” x 6” Snare Drum

The Archer really is quite a special drum. Handcrafted entirely from English Yew, a rare and sumptuous hard wood that generates a rich, warm tone with fast attack. Traditionally, Yew was the preferred timber of the longbows favoured by medieval English archers. Its durable flexibility tempered with robust strength offered supreme power and reliability - qualities which we endeavoured to incorporate into the Archer.

Handcrafted in the UK, the Archer is a 14” x 6”, 10-ply shell with 30º round-over bearing edges, constructed using unique cold press moulding process to create a shell with exceptional structural and tonal integrity. The Archer is a breath taking drum with a variety of eye-catching features including vintage style mini-claws, gold-plated tension rods and a beautiful golden badge embellished with green sycamore in recognition of BDC's English heritage.

The Archer is capable of a wide range of complex tones, from a warm, Maple-like clarity right through to a lively and potent brightness. With an understated confidence and stylistic flexibility, the Archer will be at home in a wide variety of musical situations.

The Archer is a unique snare drum that is not only visually stunning with awesome tones, it will quickly earn it’s place as a bona fide classic collector’s snare drum.

All British Drum Co. lugs contain ThreadGrip technology.  The plastic retainer inside the lug that holds the ferrule nut in place has been deliberately under-sized, allowing the tension rod to "bite" into the plastic and provide a tighter grip in the lug. The result is a drum that will hold the drum head under tension far more reliably for longer periods of time, keeping your drums in tune longer so they sound amazing all the time!

All British Drum Co. drums feature bespoke laser-engraved Cherry veneer washers and interior plates.


  • PALLADIUM SNARE Strainer - Classic Art-Deco styling combined with exceptional build quality makes the British Drum Co. Palladium snare strainer a solidly dependable component on the Archer snare drum.
  • PALLADIUM LUGS - Inspired by the iconic Art-Deco styling of the 1930s, the high-quality chrome-plated Palladium lugs feature ThreadGrip technology for rock-solid tuning.
  • ARCHER VENT BADGE - The Archer features a bespoke “Arrowhead” design vent badge inspired by the legend of the English longbow archers.
  • RCHER 'B' BADGE - The gold-coloured British Drum Co. name badge on the Archer is embellished with a beautiful detail of green sycamore creating a visually stunning and easily recognisable snare drum.

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