Alpine Muffy Kids EarMuffs


Children’s hearing is still fully under development. Hearing protection prevents hearing damage at a young age.

The adjustable headband covered in soft fabric fits any child’s head, so they won’t grow out of it.

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Alpine Muffy Kids is designed to protect the extra sensitive hearing of children aged 5 to 16 against damaging noise. These small earmuffs for children provide noise reduction to improve concentration, for instance in noisy classrooms. Besides that the earmuffs can be used in noisy environments, such as parties, parades, fireworks shows, concerts, and car and motorcycle races. The headband is adjustable and features a soft lining. Alpine Muffy Kids earmuffs are available in five new, trendy colours. The outer layer of the colourful earmuffs is made from plastic and therefore easy to clean. The earmuffs can be folded, so they are easy to take along. Make your child feel comfortable and safe. 

The number 1 earmuff on the market

The world is becoming louder and louder. Research shows that 1 in 8 children suffer permanent hearing loss. Over time, this may lead to concentration and sleep issues as well as stress. Muffy Kids is designed to prevent hearing loss in children.
  • Protects against damaging noise
  • Silky soft, adjustable headband
  • Certified, proven noise reduction to (SNR) 25 dB

Comfort is in the details

Safe protection for your child means a high comfort level and continuous product innovation. We devote considerable attention to the smallest details. The earmuffs are made from multiple layers of comfortable foam, ensuring optimum fit and alignment around the ears. With their easily cleaned top layer, Muffy Kids are super hygienic and durable. Every pack contains a matching, silky soft Protect & Go travel pouch to store and transport the Muffy Kids conveniently and safely.

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