2BOX Speedlight DI3 Electronic Drum kit


Does NOT include bass drum pedal or throne.

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The 2BOX Speedlight kit is rugged, and solid, the playing surfaces are very realistic. The most important part of any electronic drum kit, is the sound source. It is the heart and soul of any kit. You can have a setup with lots of pads, cymbals, bells and whistles and it all looks very impressive. However, unless the sound module can deliver cutting edge technology, with unparalleled sound, the whole experience will be very disappointing. With the Speedlight kit you get what is possibly one of the best electronic drum modules ever designed. Simply compare the specifications of the 2BOX Speedlight module to any other module currently on the market, and you will quickly see it has very few competitors.


  • 1 x 14" Hi-Hat Pad with Stand.
  • 1 x 12" Crash cymbal with choke
  • 1 x 14" Ride cymbal with Bell, bow ,edge and choke detection
  • 1 x 10" Snare with Rim. Mesh head and rubber edge
  • 3 x 8" Toms with Rim. Mesh head and rubber edge
  • 1 Kick Drum
  • 1 Holder for Module compatible with DI3
  • Comes with DI3 Module
  • Rack stand with holders for all pads and cymbals.
  • Set of 8 ¼” Stereo Jack Cables between Module and Pads/cymbals including Velcro straps
  • The floor space needed to set up the kit is: 1,2 m x 0,70 m, plus added space for your drum throne
  • Does NOT include bass drum pedal or throne


  • 44.1 kHz Sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters
  • 4 GB sound memory
  • 15 Universal trigger inputs configured as kick, snare with rim, 4 toms with rim, 1 Hi-hat and 3 cymbals
  • All inputs are fully configurable to whatever pad you desire
  • 3-zone snare and cymbals are supported
  • 4 outputs
  • Line in
  • Headphone
  • Midi In/Out
  • USB for transferring data
  • A massive free of charge library. Full of sounds made by professional and famous drummers
  • Sounds are multi-layered for unparalleled sound quality and playing response
  • Trigger and play along to loops – freely assignable to any trigger input.
  • Play along to WAV song files or metronome or connect your media player to the line in socket
  • Comes with our Kit and sound editor (Windows and Mac) to create your own kits
  • The unique universal trigger technology allows you to augment your Speedlight kit with other manufacturers hardware.
  • Advanced control features enable triggering functions such as start/stop for loops or metronome
  • Switching of kits up and down are freely assignable to any of the 15 trigger inputs
  • Multi plug AC power supply 100-240V


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